I Didn't Write This Poem

N. Withheld

I didn't write this poem

If you say I did
I'll deny it

The words may have been found on my subpoenaed computer
but you can't prove it was me who put them there

These things just happen

Nobody's fault

An act of nature
like an earthquake (sometimes the earth just decides to move)
or a typhoon (sometimes the wind just decides to blow)

An act of God
caused by God

He was mad at the homosexuals
He was mad at the adulterers
He was mad at the women who won't cover their faces

or He's just plain mad
pissed off at how messed up everything is

but in my case
He couldn't have been mad at me

I didn't do it

I'm innocent

absolutely innocent

as innocent as a child in a white dress

I was only doing my job

I can assure you
I was only following orders

I had a responsibility to the stockholders

it was not my fault


Copyright 2010. All rights reserved.

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