The Sound of One Hand Not Clapping
Bernice S. Schreiber

koan = in Zen, a paradox to be meditated upon
Zen = training toward enlightenment
enlightenment = finding doubt in oneself
         .    (a point of concentration)


koan = a way to doubt
it's a metaphor

metaphor = a literary figure of speech that refers to a thing that is not the actual thing that is referred to but is like another thing (that is actually not that thing)

If so:

koan = is not the thing (or things) referred to but is like another thing that's sort of like that first thing referred to (whatever it was)


enlightenment = not actually finding doubt in oneself, but finding something that reminds one of finding doubt in oneself

In summary:

if the purpose of a koan is to find doubt in oneself


I am enlightened

and my one hand is clapping with joy.

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