New Wave Hipsters Have Killed the Beatniks
Theodore Kountourogiannis

New wave hipsters have killed the beatniks,
taken their poetry, and stomped it into the gutters.
Eyes glued to cell phones,
tweeting and liking nonsense,
re-vining and posting idiocies,
downloading apps and playing games.
Rapidly snapping pictures of food, coffee, and biscuits.
Conforming to the ideas of those whose faces are in every magazine,
and on every television.
Jay Z and Beyonce and Kanye and Kim are idolized,
long forgotten are the ones who marched the miles,
spat in the face of adversity and hardship,
and stood up against the evils.
Woven haired ratchets twerk on the graves of the Doctor, Mr. Malcolm, and dear sweet Rosa.
Politicians turned into celebrities,
losing sight on the greater good,
throwing future into the wind.
Meanwhile education is disregarded and sighed at.
Slumping into desks with heads rested in unwilling hands,
half closed eyes fixed on the seemingly irrelevant shit spewing from the teacher's mouth.
Staring at faces blankly,
not giving them the satisfaction of reacting to the fuckery.
Devouring coffee trying to stay awake,
and remembering to take a picture of it,
but forgetting homework and assignments.
Shoving down processed foods,
and indulging in the lie that they're real.
Watching people on television hysterically laugh at bullshit.
Living in a time where there is no time.
None to sit and read the beautiful words of yesterday.
None to be our own person,
but spending the night with Netflix—

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