Reflections on an Abstract Painting
by Addison Alloway

I stand before it, wondering,
why did the painter paint all those perfectly round dots
on that huge piece of canvas?

What do the dots signify?

The sun?
The moon?
The earth?
Eyes staring at this painting?
Open mouths aghast?
None of the above?

What do the colors of the dots signify?

The colors of the rainbow?
How our eyes perceive color?
How a bee's eyes perceive color?
All of the colors in the artist's paint box?
The artist going blind from staring at the sun too long?
None of the above?

What does the spacing between the dots signify?

The expanding universe?
Traveling to far away places?
Elbow room?
The chasm between us all (the impossibility of us ever really knowing each other)?
The chasm between innocent childhood and jaded adulthood?
None of the above?

I move on to the next painting.
Looks like somebody threw a lot of paint all over a big piece of canvas.


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