Retiring to Florida
Richard Brobst

Sometimes I blame it
on too much sunshine--
it makes us want to run over
one another, or lie
in the sand until our brains
turn to fried yolks.
it has even driven men,
mid-sixties, to wear Harley shirts,
race up and down
dead end streets,
false teeth snapping
at the salt breeze.
Even yesterday
they came in their awful pack
crossing Elm and Orange,
spitting exhaust
and disrupting the crucial vowels
of an outdoor dog wedding.
And then,
there is the lady
who called the Humane Society
regarding a mother fox
tumbling with her pups
beside the curb
where her Cadillac parks.
Clearly upset she was
when no action could be taken,
and sharply stated:
"There is far too much nature
down here."
Retiring to Florida
certainly makes one
want to kill something.

Copyright 2012. All rights reserved.

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