Searching The Mines Of Data . . .
Kobina Wright

Searching The Mines Of Data In Multiple Forms Of A Great And Silent Pride And Through An Underdeveloped Volume Of A Young Woman's Creative Mind; I Make A Discovery That Gives Me Pause And Hitches My Memories To The Back Of A Caravan Of Photographs That Captures The Bare Arms That Erects Walls Of Safety; The Lips That Baptize Me In the Tenderness Of Love And The Preoccupied Eyes That Suggests A Stone Tower Of Thought

My coolness fainted

at the sight of you.

I think I Just Might Be A Super Psychic Because Since I Last Saw Him When I Rushed Out And Stopped For Coffee Running Late And Didn't Have The Time To Make My Own At Home; I Sensed That Translucent Spirit That Wafted From The Pores Of His Chest Through The Holes Of His Dress Shirt Reaching Out To Touch Me With Microscopic Hands That I Backed Away From As I Detected His Search For A Reason To Engage Me In Conversation.

I've been looking for you

since we met.

If I Had To Describe This Feeling At All, Most Likely I'd Associate It With A Spasm - No - More Like A Seizure Of The Sort That Lasts For Hours And Sometimes Even Days; That Consumes My Brain From Even The Most Minute Independent Thought And Paving Each Glittery Step Towards The Blue Twinkling Stars That Quilt The Breathing And Coughing Unknown, Gently And Passionately As It Lays Next To All That Is Known


Feel this.

Please just feel


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