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If you are a writer of fiction, a student of fiction, or a reader of fiction, then FictionWeek is your site. FictionWeek is a volunteer site, created and maintained by anyone who is interested in the creative writing process. FictionWeek is designed to provide information for fiction writers and for anyone who is interested in the writing of fiction. Because it is a volunteer site, you have to tell us what you want to see here. Send us articles. Send us ideas. Send us your thoughts. The FictionWeek site will include stories and discussions about the writing process, how to get published, e-publishing opportunities, the advantages and disadvantages of self-publishing, creative writing education, and anything else you say you want to know about. If it has to do with the world of fiction writing, this is the place for it. Send us your ideas and thoughts.

FictionWeek is looking for articles about fiction writing. We are also looking for example short stories, as long as they include discussion about the writing techniques used in the stories. Stories discussed at writer's groups are always welcome. (For examples, see our on-line writing workshop at We are also looking for stories about fiction writing contests, publishing opportunities, writing schools, and writing workshops. Send the complete story to: (or use the email link below).

Selected stories will be published on a non-exclusive basis, meaning you can submit stories to us and still use them elsewhere. We reserve the right to edit stories for size and content (with your approval, of course). For the time being, Fictionweek will be a "volunteer" site; that is, we welcome any and all stories about fiction writing, as long as they are suitable and submitted to us on a volunteer, unpaid basis.

Our readers have already told us they want information about writer's groups. Therefore, we will be developing a variety of support and feedback groups for writers; these will eventually include the formation of online discussion groups, writing contests, and schedules and locations for in-person writing groups.

FictionWeek will try to keep you informed about fiction and poetry sites on the internet and we will maintain an up-to-date calendar with information about local and national events for writers. We will also try to track down information (and advice) about fiction writing contests, poetry contests, and playwriting contests.

The FictionWeek site also includes PoetryWeek, a special section for those who are interested in the writing of poetry. Its internet address is:

Other sections will eventually include e-book downloads, book reviews, writing tips, conferences, and a variety of columns about writing.

Most importantly, we want FictionWeek to be your site. We want to know what you want to see at this internet site. Click on the link below to send us email with your ideas. If you want to contribute to FictionWeek click below. If you have information about writing events, click below. We want to hear from you.

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