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This Week at Running USA

The Running USA Web Site

Running USA launched this news magazine about running in America. This article discusses the purpose and future plans of the Running USA on-line information resource.

My Favorite Run-Right-Out-of the-City Trail
This author's favorite close-to-the-city running trail is a challenging single-track that starts only a few hundred yards from the center of downtown Salt Lake City. Starting right next to the city's tallest buildings, this great running trail starts easy enough on a meandering path next to a small stream, but soon heads up into the mountains (and you have a good chance of running into mountain wildlife).
A Trail Running USA Exclusive

Ojai Trail Running (Southern California)
This author describes some of the mountain running trails near Ojai (in southern California). Ojai, California is located in a mountain valley a little more than an hour northwest of LA. It is known as an artist's colony, but did you know it also has some of the best mountain trail running anywhere in California?
A Trail Running USA Exclusive

Life (and Water) in the Desert
In the deserts surrounding Phoenix, Arizona, you can start running and go just about forever. But this city has spread out so far in all directions it can take you quite a while to find the open desert. But don't give up hope: if you are in metropolitan Phoenix and you don't have the time (or the transportation) to get out into the open desert, you can get a great desert running experience (with jackrabbits) within a few miles of the airport.
A Trail Running USA Exclusive

The Best Trail Running Area in the World
This author says he knows the best trail running place on earth: the "Golden Triangle" of trail running. Do you agree? Do you know of a better place? Do you have a favorite trail running area? That one special trail running place in this wide world that just cannot be surpassed? Tell us about it by volunteering to write a story about it.
A Trail Running USA Exclusive

The Dreaded Side Stitch and What to Do About it

This author discusses all of the supposed causes of the dreaded runner's side ache and reports on what the experts say to do about it.

A Trail Running USA Exclusive

Big City Trail Running
No running trails in LA? Believe it or not, there may be more great running trails in the greater Los Angeles area than just about any other place in the world. From ocean trails to mountain trails to lush woodsy trails, they are all there and easy to get to.
A Trail Running USA Exclusive

Know of a good running trail? CLICK HERE to tell us about it.

Want to write an article about running? CLICK HERE to tell us about it.

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