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* Note on age-group running

Most participants in road races for runners and in masters track and field events are participating in competition within age groups. That is, they run against all other participants in the race, but the real competition is with others in their own age-grouped divisions. Generally, these age divisions are divided into 5-year age groups. A typical set of age groups for such running competitions would be:

Male or Female:


In road racing, all runners often run together. However, for scoring purposes, most races score runners and provide prizes in terms of the finishing positions of runners within each of these age groups.

In track and field running competition, these age groups are often used to group runners in each competition. For example, track and field competition that includes sprints and middle-distance races might group all heats according to age and sex. Younger women aged 15 to 19 might be grouped into the first heat race. The next heat would then include women aged 20 to 24. Each older five-year age group would be grouped into heat races and then the men would be grouped in the same way. If there are not enough in an age group to make up a heat race, the nearest age groups are often combined. For example, if there were not enough 50 to 54 age women to make up a heat, the 50 to 59-year old women would be put together in one heat race.

In field events such as high jumping or long jumping, all competitors often participate together, but are still scored by age group. This is especially true in all-comers meets, track and field competitions in which anybody can compete, usually at a low-cost fee that gives you the right to participate in as many events as you want. In these meets, all long jumpers might be given three jumps, with all jumpers just lining up to take their jumps in sequence. When all participants have completed their jumps, the age groups are then used to determine scoring and prizes.

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