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If you are interested in running off the paved roads, the Trail Running USA web site is for you. The site is designed to be an information resource and online meeting place for trail runners and for anyone interested in running cross country or ultras. is designed to be a community resource for those of us who love running in natural settings. It is for those who like finding new places, exploring them, and sharing the information with others.

TrailrunningUSA is looking for stories about your favorite running trails. Send the complete story to us by clicking on the link below:

Story Submissions

Selected stories will be published on a non-exclusive basis, meaning you can submit stories to us and still use them elsewhere. We reserve the right to edit stories for size and content (with your approval, of course). For the time being, TrailrunningUSA will be a "volunteer" site; that is, we welcome any and all stories about trail running, as long as they are submitted to us on a volunteer, unpaid basis. will also provide information about running in general, with links to other running sites. We will try to keep you up to date about running events, running groups, and age-group competition. Let us know about your running events (of all kinds).

Also, be sure to check our special section on age group running at If you are interested in running with or racing against others of your own age, be sure to check out the forum at that site. Most importantly, the site is for you - and we need your input. We will be creating a forum for discussions about recreational and competition running. We will also be developing a way for you to share information about running events, running groups, and general information about any kind of running-related activity.

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