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Posted by mark on November 06, 2003 at 06:38:01:

In Reply to: breathing techniques posted by craig on July 17, 2003 at 09:54:54:


Try developing a rhythm to your breathing. Ie - breath out for 3 steps and in for 2 steps (or something like that). its not written in stone. at first it may seem totally strange but over time you would learn to do it second nature.

Also, I find it helps to work on your lung muscles with swimming. Like any other muscle, your diaphram get fatigued too when you run (so the stronger it is the better)

Be aware when you get tired (running) that your breath will become more shallow, tiring you further (so suck in few deeper ones and push them out hard)./

Finally, if your new to running 5-10k, you can control lack of breath by slowing down that little bit. Obviously lack of breath will tire you so youll still run a similar time, and enjoy the run a whole lot more.

Like you, Ive always been pretty quick over short distances, but lack stamina. It takes time, dont give up your sprinting, it helps heaps in training for longer distances.

Good luck and remember to enjoy it

: i am a new runner training for the police academy. I have always been able to run sprints and short distances. This is the first time training for longer runs ie. 3-8 miles. This may not seem long to some of you but i hate running anything over 1 mile. is there any special breathing or running techniques i can use. Thanks.

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