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This forum is for anyone who wants to talk about politics and current events books. You can write about anything you want, as long as it's related to politics and current events. (When it comes to politics and current events, there's bound to be a book about it so go for it.) If you want to comment on somebody else's comment, just click on their message to reply.

New from

Hillary and Trump:
Stories behind
Presidential Elections

How to Write Fiction:
Tools and Techniques

God's Messenger - God's Victim:
A Bildungsroman Stockholm Syndrome Novel

The Man in the Mirror: A man
finding himself as he loses himself
to Alzheimer's

My Vietnam War

Torn by God:
A Family's Struggle
with Polygamy

A Psalm for Cock
Robin: A Harp and His
Dead Mother Mystery

A Drew Steele

The End of
the Civil War:
A mystery

Who Owns Arizona?
A Mystery

Obama Won,
but Romney Almost Was President

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